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Name: Aizen Sousuke (藍染 惣右介)
Position: Captain of the Fifth Division of the Gotei 13
Height/Weight: 186cm / 74kg
Birthday: May 29th

Captain Aizen Sousuke is first introduced as Soul Society is thrust into chaos; the wayward Shinigami Kuchiki Rukia has returned and is set to be executed, a band of intruders led by the series' protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo, have just invaded the city (intent on rescuing Rukia, though the Shinigami don't quite know this), and rumors of a conspiracy are beginning to fly around. Aizen makes his first appearance as he cheerfully greets Abarai Renji, Vice Captain of the Sixth and childhood friend of Rukia. In his debut, Aizen is presented as a rather kind and soft-spoken man, who looks kind of like a librarian with those thick, black glasses of his. Some omake material states that Aizen has a fondness for calligraphy, and lectured on the subject on occasion. Not much else is revealed about him, but most Shinigami seem to respect the man. The calm and intelligent Aizen is also shown to be a contrast to the other Captains that are introduced around this time, such as the bloodthristy Zaraki Kenpachi and the fox-like Ichimaru Gin.

Aizen confides in Renji his worries over the suspicious circumstances that surround Rukia's execution. She is set to be executed with the soukyoku, a method of execution normally reserved for high-level Shinigami, and she was given a 25 day postponement until her death instead of the usual 35. "I have a bad feeling about this," Aizen says, before an emergency Captains meeting cuts their exchange short and Renji leaves confused.

At the meeting of the Captains, a discussion is begun on how to deal with Ichimaru Gin, the Captain of the Third Division who had greeted the intruders on the outskirts of Soul Society without permission and yet made no attempt to eliminate them. Gin begins to laugh it off, but an alert that the intruders have entered the city interrupts the meeting. As the Captains leave, Aizen discreetly asks Gin if he believes he can get away with "this." Histugaya Toushirou, Captain of the Tenth, overhears them. It becomes apparent that something strange is going on, and it looks like Gin has something to do with it. The audience knows that the intruders have only good intentions, but Rukia's execution and Gin's nonchalant actions remain pretty damn suspicious. Hitsugaya spreads the word to Hinamori Momo, his close childhood friend and Aizen's loyal Vice Captain, warning her to watch out for the Third Division.

Eventually, the intruders enter Seireitei (the inner area of Soul Society where Shinigami reside), and the Captains are warned that war may begin. This worries the extremely emotional Momo, who is distraught by the idea of war, especially after seeing her friend Renji nearly die following a run-in with Ichigo. Distraught, Momo pays a visit to her Captain's room and expresses her concern. Aizen tells her to come inside and rest, acknowledging that she had a rough day, and assures her that he helped convince Renji's Captain, Kuchiki Byakuya, not to demote Renji for fighting Ichigo. Momo feels at peace after speaking with Aizen, thankful to be serving under him. Her Captain is well-respected, amiable, and understanding, so it's no surprise that Momo is so relieved. Amidst the chaos, Aizen seems to be a calm and reassuring entity, and an indication, to his Vice Captain at least, that everything will be alright. Momo eventually falls asleep on his floor, and Aizen walks off into the night. Everything seems fine, until a scream rings out across Seireitei the next morning.

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