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in smoke and mirror states

Illusion is perhaps Aizen's greatest strength. Deception is his game, after all, and the power of illusion is an integral part of that.
"Flowers in a mirror and the moon in the water; beautiful but unattainable dreams, a mirage..."
Aizen's zanpakutou reflects the idea of illusion. Its name, Kyouka Suigetsu (鏡花水月) literally translates to "Mirror Flower Water Moon." This name references 鏡中的花,水裡的月 which is the shorter form of a Chinese idiom, or chéngyǔ, literally meaning "flower in the mirror, moon on the water." This phrase refers things that cannot be grasped, like a flower reflected in a mirror or the moon reflected on the water's surface. You can see them, but you cannot touch them. Appropriately, Aizen's zapakutou has the ability to create illusions via its "complete hypnosis," control over all five senses that allowed Aizen to create false images. For example, his corpse.

"Aizen," 藍染, translates into "indigo dye." Chapter 171 of the manga, "end of hypnosis 3 (the Blue Fog)," alludes to this name. The chapter takes place right after Aizen's betrayal. The "blue fog" likely refers to the "indigo" in Aizen's name and the illusory nature of fog.

A little bit of research into the idea of illusion and fog led me to the following quote by writer Jimmy Breslin:

"All political power is primarily an illusion. Illusion. Mirrors and blue smoke, beautiful blue smoke rolling over the surface of highly polished mirrors, first a thin veil of blue smoke, then a thick cloud that suddenly dissolves into wisps of blue smoke, the mirrors catching it all, bouncing it back and forth."
Blue smoke is awfully similar to blue fog. I think this quote can relate to Aizen quite a bit. It speaks to the power of manipulation, the use of false images to gain power and shield people from the truth. Which isn't to say that Aizen isn't incredibly powerful on his own without relying on visual tricks, but it's the ability to deceive that led him to the Hougyoku. It's also what made me absolutely love his character after he was able to pull such a stunt. He created such a convincing persona that led all of Soul Society to trust him, and that combined with the abilities of Kyouka Suigetsu made for the perfect villain.

So I named the site after Aizen's power of deception and illusion. "Smoke and mirrors" is a phrase meaning, "something that distorts or blurs facts, figures, etc., like a magic or conjuring trick; artful deception," says The perfect title, I think, to reflect Aizen's "artful deception." It also ties back to the concept of "mirror flower, water moon," and the blue fog/smoke. It all comes full circle! How nice ;).

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